Origin of RiSE

They say it is a paradigm of life; to collectively entail dedication, perseverance and motivation to rise to success. This inspires the creator of RiSE everyday to keep moving, through all the hardships and achievements. This encouraged him to share his beliefs with the world through this blog. 

It is often extremely easy to find comfort in life with what you have but if you have an idea or a dream and want to achieve more, then it is here where one must rise.  This is what RISE is here for. RiSE aims to inspire and motivate people to keep pushing themselves forward with a vision in mind. 

This graphic logo has a profound explanation behind it. The arrow [🡩] illustrates the progression of life. Through the struggles and success, the aim remains to keep growing. The man here is trying to climb up the ladder fighting through a million phases to reach the top of the triangle - success. There will be many challenges in life that will bring you down, but you have to keep going. Climb up the ladder of life, keep moving, keep hustling. 

We know you can and you will!  RISE TO THE CHALLENGE, NOW.

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